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EF-111A 66-047
Last updated 19 October 1999

EF-111A 66-047 was a testbed for the System Improvement Program (SIP), an upgrade to the aircraft's jamming subsystem. From 1993-1996 it was stationed at Eglin AFB where it underwent extensive flight testing to validate the program. Although the upgrades significantly enhanced the aircraft's jamming capabilities, the program was scrapped when the announcement came that the EFs would be retired. The last time it flew was in June 1996 from Eglin to Cannon. It was used exclusively as a trainer for maintenance personnel. (Jeff Sloan)

The pictures below were taken in November 1998, and show the aircraft in a very poor state.  Some parts were used to produce the display module at Barksdale AFB (Mike Kaplan)

EF-66-047.gif (4261 bytes) EF-66-047-2.gif (4698 bytes) EF-66-047-3.gif (2811 bytes)


EF-66-047-4.gif (3094 bytes) EF-66-047-5.gif (4300 bytes) EF-66-047-7.gif (3788 bytes)

66-047 derelict at Cannon AFB.

Images supplied by Jeff Zeitvogel.

Update  Final Fate for EF-111A 66-047

John Book says...

Went out to Cannon AFB on 5 April 1999 to enquire on availability of EF-111 66-0047 for a museum. Regretfully, aircraft had just left the base, sold for scrap throught the base Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO). Also found out aircraft had been used for Aircraft Battle Damage Repair (ABDR) training . Usually when this happens, what's left is of little value for display due to mega paches and holes. Didn't find out what company actually bought it.                       J.B.


Walt Witherspoon adds (April 1999)...

I live in Lancaster CA, and was out near Mojave airport today doing some crash site hunting.  My Dad told me this week that what he's sure was a 111 showed up in a lot near Mojave.  I checked the lot and I found EF-111A 66-0047 there.  It's in bad shape, with what looks like axe cuts in the skin and chopped off hydro lines and wiring but all major components are there except engines, canopy, and seats.  Numerous details are missing like small radomes, various panels, etc.  Supposedly the owner of the lot is going to set up a small museum at the site.  The bird still wears the the 46th Test Wing patches from Eglin, with tail code MTF. 
(Lets hope a museum is forthcoming to preserve this aircraft - webmaster)

EF-66-0047-1ww.gif EF-66-0047-2ww.gif EF-66-0047-3ww.gif

Images provided by Walt Witherspoon. LOGO


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