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Dr Carlo Kopp's principal non-professional interest is flying aerobatics. He flew competition aerobatics during the early nineties, and is currently working (intermittently) at regaining currency, on the Z.242L. His other flying activity included flying as lead pilot for multiple aircraft formation displays. He holds a NVMC multiengine rating and low level aerobatic approval, but is not current at this time. Carlo has flown the F/A-18F Super Hornet, the PC-9/A (Aussie JPATS), the F-111C simulator on three occasions, as well as the A320 simulator [6]

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Dr Carlo Kopp was born in Perth [1], Western Australia. He attended the University of Western Australia , and graduated in Electrical Engineering with First Class Honours, in 1984.

In 1996 he completed a research Masters degree in Computer Science at Monash University in Melbourne, and in September, 2000, he completed his PhD thesis. The thesis dealt with the properties of high capacity ad hoc networks and long range microwave datalinks on mobile platforms. Both theses were done under the supervision of Prof Chris Wallace.

His career interests have been broad, involving a professional engineering and computer science path, and also concurrently a path in trade journal writing and military science. At this time he lectures on computing topics at Monash CSSE.

He has held a wide range of positions in the computer and communications industries, primarily as a design engineer, computer programmer, systems integrator and consultant. He has worked overseas, specifically in Japan, but has preferentially worked for Australian owned companies, through most of his career to date.

His best known project in the computer industry was the design and development of the first Australian manufactured Unix SPARC workstation computer, in 1993. He has also designed or developed high speed optical fibre communications equipment, medium speed multiplexer equipment, graphics adaptors, and miscellaneous other items of computer and communications equipment and software [2]. He has consulted to private industry and government organisations, primarily in the areas of computer and network performance.

Dr Carlo Kopp is best known publicly in Australia as a trade journal writer. Writing for `Australian Aviation' since 1980, he has specialised in military aviation, technology, and strategic issues. More recently, his work has been published by the US based `Journal of Electronic Defence', UK based `Jane's Missiles and Rockets', `Air International, and Amberley based `Defence Today' journals [3]. He has written monthly computer technical features for Sydney based `Systems' and `Commsworld', since 1994, and more recently `Atomic: MPC', covering computer systems, software and networking issues [4].

His other professional interests include air warfare strategy, doctrine and information warfare. His work in this area has been published by the Royal Australian Air Force, the United States Air Force and he has contributed to Winn Schwartau's book on Information Warfare, published in 1996 . He produced extensive contributions to the 2000 Defence White Paper debate, testified to the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit (federal parliament) on fighter replacement issues, and has delivered invited papers to a number of recent conferences on defence related topics [5].

He is a member of the IEEE, AIAA and AOC.

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