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Most of the following books are available at Verlinden Publications (Belgium)  F-111E/F AARDVARK book of close up photos (which is very difficult to locate these days) is available via Danny at DACO Products.  Email Danny for details. Payment is possible to DACO in Belgium through Visa, Mastercard, Bank Of America account & PayPal.
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Over the past thirty or so years many books have been published about the F-111. Below you will find most of them.
There are two books which I personally consider to be "MUST HAVES" for F-111 enthusiasts. Both books, not surprisingly, are titled "F-111 Aardvark" and both were published since 1997 although written from opposite sides of the Atlantic. The books compliment each other due to the different styles of the authors and the different contents. The British book is co-authored by Peter Davies and Anthony Thornborough, and the American book is by Don Logan. Below are reviews of the two books.

Title F-111 Aardvark
donlogan_2.jpg (5290 bytes)
Author Don Logan
Publisher Schiffer Publishing Ltd.' 
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310 USA 
phone (USA) 610 593 1777
ISBN  0-7643-0587-5 (1998) 
Library of Congress Catalog Number: 98-84262
Size 22.5cm x 28.5cm x 3cm (8.8" x 11.2" x 1.2") 
Weight: 2Kg (4.4lbs)
  Excellent!! - a "Must Have" book

Don Logan, an ex-F-111A WSO and author of six previous military aviation books has released a superb 320 page pictorial history of the F-111 Aardvark containing more than 740 colour photos. An extraordinary amount of research went into the book. From his own vast collection of photos, as well as assistance from LMTAS, the F-111 Historian Doc, and from many other contributors around the world during the past few years, Don has been able to present short histories and colour photographs of all but a handful of the 562 F-111 aircraft of all models constructed. All USAF, RAAF, USN, NASA and RAF aircraft are detailed, as well as the oddities such as the FB-111B/C, FB-111H.

This book is well worth the retail asking price of $59.95 USD.

Don will be selling autographed copies of the book for $45.00 USD plus postage.

Click here to find out more.

Title F-111 Aardvark
Author Peter Davies and Anthony Thornborough
Publisher The Crowood Press Ltd; Rambsbury, Marlborough; Wiltshire SN8 2HR
ISBN ISBN 1-86126-079-2 (1997)
SIZE 22.5cm x 28.5cm x 1.8cm, hardcover, 192 pages.
  Excellent!! - a "Must Have" book.
This replaces Peter and Anthony's previous work, 'F-111 Success in Action' as one of two 'must have' books for the F-111 enthusiast.
The book contains a detailed history of the F-111, numerous B/W photos, and much technical detail. It even covers the RAAF's F-111Gs. This book is not simply an update to 'F-111 Success in Action', but a whole new rewrite with a lot of personal passages from the Roadrunners of COMBAT LANCER and CONSTANT GUARD in particular.
The book has been released and is available in USA / UK for $USD 44.95, and now also in Australia for $AUD 79.95. Buy it!
Peter (truly an English scholar and gentleman) is planning on yet another F-111 book '...focusing on just aircrew and groundcrew reminiscences ... '.Peter Davies email:
(Thanks Jim Rotramel, Tony Cassanova, Don Logan, Anthony Thornborough and Peter Davies).

Title  F-111 Success in Action
Author Anthony Thornborough and Peter Davies
Publisher Arms & Armour Press Ltd,  Artillery House, Artillery Row,
London SW1P 1RT Distributed in USA:  Sterling Publishing Co. Inc, 
387 Park Avenue S., New York NY 10016-8810
ISBN 0-85368-988-1  (1989)
Size  19.5cm x 25cm x 1.8cm, hardcover, 191 pages.
Excellent !! Published in 1989, it was the most comprehensive book of its type that I've seen (until the 'F-111 Aardvark' books mentioned above became available). A detailed history of the F-111, numerous B/W photos, and much technical detail.
It even covers the RAAF's RF/F-111C's.

Title  F-111 AARDVARK - USAF's ultimate strike aircraft.
Author Tony Thornborough
Publisher  OSPREY Aerospace Ltd 1993 
59 Grosvenor St London W1X9DA - ; Publication Year: 1993
ISBN  UK ISBN 1-85532-259-5
Size 23cm x 21cm x 1.4cm, hardcover, 128 pages.
A colour pictorial of the F-111 in production and in service with the USAF's SAC and TAC, the USAFE and the RAAF. Photo descriptions tell the story of the 'Pig' and are of a very high standard (although a photo labeled as 63-9772 releasing 16 x BLU-27/B is actually releasing 24 Mk-82LDGP (Inert) from four MER's. MER's were replaced by BRU-3A/A's in operational use.) This is well worth a look, particularlyfor the tail art enthusiasts!

Title  F-111 AARDVARK
Author  Anthony Thornborough
Publisher  Arms & Armour Press Ltd., 
Artillery House, Artillery Row, London SW1P 1RT 
Distributed in USA bySterling Publishing Co. Inc., 
2 Park Avenue S., New York NY 10016-8810
ISBN  UK ISBN 0-85368-935-0
Size  19cm x 24.5cm x 0.4cm, softcover, 48 pages.

Published in 1989, this black and white 'photo album' serves as a prelude to Anthony Thornborough's 'F-111 Success in Action' full length book.

Title The Flight of The Pig
Author Mal Lancaster
Editor Lieutenant Colonel John Weiland (retired)
Publisher Department of Defence, Canberra
ISBN 0 642295 00 X (1998)
SIZE 30cm x 22cm x 1.1cm
Mal Lancaster, Chief Photographer with Defence Public Information Brisbane, and photographer of the RAAF F-111 since 1973, has published a 56 page hardcover book about the aircraft commemorating 25 years of F-111 operations in Australia. The book contains some examples of his shots from the last 25 years, and has articles such as; History of Strike Aircraft, No 1 and, 6 Squadron,: Airpower Doctrine, Role of the F-111, Weapons, AUP Upgrade, 1st Person Account of an F-111 Ejection (Air Vice Marshall - then Wing Commander Dave Rogers from A8-141), and the History of Amberley.
May be purchased from the Defence Public Information Office in Brisbane (phone +61 (0)7 3233 4353). $29.95 AUD.

Title  F-111 Aeroguide # 22
aerog22.jpg (3362 bytes)
Author Roger Chesneau
Publisher  Great Britain :  Linewrights Ltd., 
PO BOX 832,  Ongar, Essex CM5 ONH, England.
ISBN  0-946958-57-0
Size 21cm x 29.5 cm, softback, 36 pages (4 in colour)
This book covers only the British based variants E & F. We can find history (not very comprehensive), squadron service (good). As far as I'm aware the mission profile seems very good. Hundreds of detail pics. A gem for the modeller. It's like the Verlinden book but in b+w and therefore cheaper. There's a really good 5 view plan with camouflage squeme (FS numbered) of plane 68082 at RAF Upper Heyford, August 87.

Title F-111 Aardvark - Wings 4
cover8.jpg (5958 bytes)
Author Hans Halberstadt
Publisher UK
Great Britain:
Windrow & Greene Ltd.
5 Gerrard Street
London W1V 7LJ
Speciality Press Publishers & Wholesalers Inc.
PO Box 338
Stillwater, MN 55082
(612) 430-2210/800-888-9653
ISBN 1-872004-42-3
Size 19cm x 26cm x 0.7cm, softback, 96 pages
 This is one of the more recent books (published 1992) about the F-111 and is based almost solely on what appears to be a few days at Cannon AFB NM.  The book is full of large colour photos "mostly of D",plus Fand EF models in ground operations.  Good photos of various exterior structures for the scale modeller.   Only a few errors in photo descriptions. - "Great value"

Author  Tommy Thomason
Publisher  NAVAL FIGHTERS, Steve Ginter, 1754 Warfield Cir,. Simi Valley, California, 93063
ISBN  ISBN 0-942612-41-8
Size  21.5 x 28cm x 4mm, softcover, 80 pages.
  An excellent publication about the much maligned naval version of the F-111. An enormous amount of detail including many black and white photos and a brief description of a number of plastic kits. A very comprehensive book for the modeller.  Published 1998.
Available in Australia from AeroWorks for $AUD18.30 plus postage)
January 04 - currently awaiting new stock

Thanks Stephen Thrum

Title  F-111 Aardvark - The Aircraft That Bombed Libya!
Author  Bert Kinzey
Publisher  Detail and Scale publication (25043)
ISBN  UK ISBN 1-85310-610-0 - EF-111A cover 1st .Edition
- - -ISBN 0-8306-8043-8 - Revised ---------- 2nd Edition
Size  21.5 x 28cm x 4mm, softcover, 72 pages.
This is well worth a look at for many colour and black and white photos and a brief description of a number of plastic kits. There are only a few minor errors (such as the second edition cover FB-111A being called a F-111E), but it is the most comprehensive book for the modeller that I have found to date. 

Title  Lincoln Canberra and F-111 in Australian Service
linc_canb_f111.jpg (17095 bytes)
Author  Stewart Wilson
Publisher Aerospace Publications Pty Ltd 
PO Box 3105; Weston Creek ACT 2611; AUSTRALIA
ISBN 0 9587978 3 8
Size 21cm x 28 cm x 0.8 cm, softback, 182 pages
This book is one of a vast series of books written by Stewart Wilson, who would have to be the most prolific Australian aviation author. This book is roughly divided into three sections covering the post WW2 'bomber' aircraft operated by the RAAF.  The book covers both the technical features and the Australian histories of the three aircraft. This title is current to about 1993, and consequently does not cover the F-111G not the F-111C AUP.  It is still quite a worthwhile addition to an enthusiasts F-111 library, as it has a rather entertaining mission narration dating to the days of iron bomb tosses.The publication until recently could only be purchased from second hand sources, but is now available again from the publisher's web site of

Title  General Dynamics F-111 (Aero Series Vol, 29)
cover4.jpg (4905 bytes)
Author  Jay Miller
Publisher Aero Publishers, Inc. 
329 West Aviation Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028
ISBN 0-8168-0606-3
Size 18.5cm x 27cm x 0.8cm, softcover, 104 pages

A useful publication showing the earlier history of the TFX and F-111. Many interesting historical & detailed notes, B/W and a few colour photos. Published in 1981,  show it's age but I recommend it.

Has a small but detailed 3 view drawing "with cross section profiles" that are impossible to get !!

Occasionally appears for sale on Ebay

Title  F-111E/F AARDVARK
cover5.jpg (4252 bytes)
Author  Willy Peeters
Publisher Verlinden Publications (Belgium) 
USA; VLS Corporation 
West Port Industrial Park 
804 Fee Fee Road, Maryland Heights, MO 63043
ISBN 90-70932-14-8
Size 24cm x 22cm x 0.3cm, softcover, 36 pages.
Full of good quality,close-up colour photos for the modeller. Great value and still in production.

Title  F-111 Gunston
Author  Bill Gunston
Publisher Charles Scribner's Sons; New York
ISBN 0-684-15753-5
Size 18.5cm x 24cm x 1.5cm, hardcover, 112 pages.
Published in 1978, this book is showing its age. Pave Tack modifications had not yet been made to the F-111C, and the RF-111C modification had also yet to be made. The 20th TFW in Britain only is equipped with the F-111E. The book deals with the early years of the programme, and consequently dwells on the production problems up to about 1973. Being a British book, many comparisons are made to the TSR.2, which the RAF and RAAF may have purchased if the plans came to fruition. Some details mentioned are incorrect, but still a worthwhile read.

Title  F-111 in Action (aircraft no. 35)
Author  Lou Drendel
Publisher Squadron/Signal Publications 
1115 Crowley Drive, 
Carrollton, TEXAS 75006
ISBN 0-89747-083-4
Size 20.5cm x 28cm x 0.3cm, softcover, 50 pages.
Published in 1978, this booklet is designed for the scale modeller. Many B/W photos of the early F-111 versions. - Out of production but still easy to get second hand on Ebay

Title  Super Base 11 Upper Heyford - Aardvarks and Ravens
Upper Heyford
Author  Jon Davison -
Publisher  Osprey Publishing Limited, 
59 Grosvenor Street, 
London W1X 9DA 
ISBN  ISBN 0-85045-913-3
Size softcover -21cm wide x 23cm high, 128 pages in colour.
  Published in 1990. - Beleived to be out of production.
original source: Larry Konecnik -  Jon Davison newly released CD ROM at the top of this page.

Title  Aviation Fact File Modern Fighting Aircraft F-111
Publisher Salamander Books Ltd.,  Salamander House, 
27 Old Gloucester Street  London WC1N 3AF, 
United Kingdom
ISBN 0-7018-1772-0
Size  26cm x 37cm x 1cm, hardcover, 64 pages.
This is a large format 'gee-whiz' book light in quantity of good information. A number of large colour photos and a few schematics, but the 1983 publication date causes it to show its age. Many errors in photo descriptions.

WARFIGHTERS - A History of the USAF Weapons School & the 57th Wing.
Schiffer Publishing Ltd.' 
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310 USA 
phone (USA) 610 593 1777

Well researded information using official governemet archives private collections.
Many detailed photogfraphs throughout, all in full colour. Extensive technical terms & data included.
Hard cover, 261 pages
8 3/4 X 11 1/4 inches

Title MSDAC ll AMARC 1982 to 1997
MSADC.jpg (7105 bytes)
Authors Martyn Swann and Barry Fryer
Publisher British Aviation Research Group & Aviation Press. 
6 Stainton Walk 
Woking, Surrey GU21 3JB, UK 
Still available.
ISBN 0 907898 03 9
Size A4 , Soft Cover , 208 pages.
From Martyn Swann: 
"The book is called "MASDC II AMARC" and is the follow-up to a book done by myself and two other authors in 1982 called "MASDC".  The current one is compiled by myself and Barry Fryer and is correct to December 1997.   There is an update expected for 2003.  The book contains a brief history of the Davis-Monthan site, how AMARC works and  then lists the aircraft movements both inbound and outbound from 1982 thru 1997 in type order. Martyn is working on a updated edition to be released in 2003

Title  Chains of Command
Author  Dale Brown (author of Flight of The Old Dog)  email
Publisher  1st Edition Harper Collins, 2nd Edition G.P. Putnam's Sons
ISBN  1st - ISBN 0-00 647883 2 , 2nd - ISBN 0-399-13822-6,  3rd - ISBN  ? ? ? ? ? ? 
Size  Paperback - 1st Edition on the left,  2nd Edition centre,  3rd Edition Left (1993)
Actually, this is not a reference book, but a fictional novel centred on an old crusty Navigator, his younger female Pilot, and the USAF F-111G. The F-111G has been redesignated the RF-111G - a super aardvark with SRAM, PAVETACK, HARM, sidewinders, and recce fit!! This is an entertaining story where the american Aardvark takes its rightful place in saving the free world from renegades in the crumbling Soviet empire (amidst a slightly soppy romance). Not a bad read for escapism. ;-) 
Dale Brown was a SAC FB-111A navigator.
Chains of Command (1993) - A fledgling Air Force Reserve unit, led by the Air Force's first female combat pilot, spearheads the U.S. response to a Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

Title  Raid On Qaddafi
cover_venk.jpg (4175 bytes)
Author  Col. Robert E. Venkus (Ret) 
Publisher  St. Martins Press, 
17 Fifth Ave. 
New York, NY, 10010
ISBN  0-312-07073-X
Size  14.5cm x 21.5cm x 2.4cm, hardcover, 198 pages
The book is available from the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association at for $22 USD
source: Tony Cassanova,Col. Robert E. Venkus (Ret) 
First published during 1993, the book is the untold story of history's longest fighter mission, Operation EL DORADO CANYON 14-15 April 1986, written by the pilot who directed it. The author is Col. Robert E. Venkus (Ret), the then 48th TFW deputy commander, who for much of the planning period was in Command of the 48th TFW as the Wing's CC was TDY. 
With shear honesty, this book dispels any thoughts the reader may have on the USAF being all that the glossy recruiting brochures would like us to believe. From the initial days of September 1985, Col. Venkus describes in detail the planning, events and critically describes USAF political culture which he believed inevitably saw numerous higher airforce tasking errors being made to the detriment of the operation. 
Only ten days after the successful operation, Col. Venkus was informed that he was not going to become the new 48th TFW Commander, and subsequently resigned.

Title  The Lion's Game
lion.jpg (3278 bytes)
Author  Author - Nelson Demille 
ISBN  0-446-60826-2
  This is not a reference book, but a fictional novel  about a Libyan whose family got bombed by the F-111s and begins to hunt down the pilots involved in the raid.

Title Big Bombers
Author Robert F. Dorr & Jim Benson
Publisher Great Britain : Airlife Publishing Ltd., 
101 Longden Road, Shrewsbury,  England. 1989
ISBN 1-85310-125-7
Size 23cm x 26.5 cm x 1 cm, softback, 128 pages (all in colour)
The book covers several planes : B-52, FB-111A & B-1B. It also covers the SAC history. In reference to our beloved plane, as the title says it's only about the bomber model. Al pictures are in colour, not very detailed or descriptive but impressive anyway. We can see pics of the old and new camouflage. The text it's not particularly impressive

Title  Aviation Fact File Modern Fighting Aircraft F-111
Publisher Salamander Books Ltd.,  Salamander House, 
27 Old Gloucester Street  London WC1N 3AF, 
United Kingdom
ISBN 0-7018-1772-0
Size  26cm x 37cm x 1cm, hardcover, 64 pages.
This is a large format 'gee-whiz' book light in quantity of good information. A number of large colour photos and a few schematics, but the 1983 publication date causes it to show its age. Many errors in photo descriptions.

Latest F-111 related book - biographical
Title The Thirteeth Night
Author Jan McNess
Publisher Fremantle Art Centre Press - ( 2003 ) -
ISBN 1 86368 397 6
A mothers story about the life and death of her son & his passion for flying a RAAF F-111

Due out April 9, 2004
Title Aardvarks and Rangers
puts the reader in the cockpit of the D-Model.
The last half of the book shows Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada. I served as
Ground Forward Air Controller for the First Ranger Battalion.
Jim was the Commanding Officer of the 493rd TFW &flew the F-111F at RAF Lakenheath
"image please"
Author Jim Roper
Publisher - Due out April 9, 2004
ISBN 1-4137-0679-7
  Jim Roper
Covey 591, Raven 12, Chmaba 02, Delta 75



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