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CODE ONE - Magazine by Lockheed Martin
Originally produced by General Dynamics, now produced by Lockheed Martin 
Please note that these older magazines are out of print and are generally considered very hard to find.
April 1986 Vol 1  No 2 F-111 Restoration Program
Spring 1987 Vol  2  No 2 Great Legs (F-111 in USAFE), F-111 DFCS
April 1987 Vol  3  No 1 F-111 Restoration
July 1989 Vol  4  No 2 F-111 Goes Digital
January 1990 Vol  4  No 4 F-111 Celebrates 25 years of Flight
April  1990 Vol  5  No 1 Digital F-111 Completes Tests
October 1990 Vol  5  No 3 5,000-Hour Man (First 5k-hour F-111 Pilot)  Fast Brake (F-111 Crew Compartment Parachute Tests)
January 1991 Vol 5  No 4 F-111 DFCS Test Completed
October 1991 Vol  6  No 3 FB-111A Final Flight
July 1992 Vol  7  No 3 Digital F-111 Makes First Production Flight
January 1993 Vol  7 No 4 Advancing Aardvarks 337thSqdrn (F-111 CTF at McClellan AFB,CA)
July 1993 Vol  8  No 2 F-111E Passes 6,000 Hour Mark
October 1993 Vol  8  No 3 Digital F-111 Makes First Production Flight
January  1994 Vol  8  No 4 F-111s Leave Europe: Upper Heyfords 55th FS Deactivates
July  1994 Vol  9  No 2 Aardvarks Consolidate" & Move to Cannon AFB, page 16,      ISSN 1071-3816
April 1994 Vol  9  No 1 F-111s Leave Europe: Upper Heyfords 55th FS Deactivates
July 1996 Vol 11No 3 F-111F Goes to USAF Museum
October 1996 Vol 11No 4 Aardvark Officially Named and Retired,page 25,                     ISSN 1017-3816
October 1997 Vol  ?,No ?, EF-111s Come Home (to retire)

    Books, Magazine & Articles
courtesy of Curt Lenz, David de Botton, Julian Grey Moffat, A de Graaff, Bob Styger

Illusions of Choice: The F-111 and the Problem of Weapons Acquisition Reform
by Robert F Coulam                                                                                                                           Hardcover                                                                                                                                              
Publisher - Beard Books Inc;                                                                                                                       
ISBN: 1587980886;                                                                                                                                "December 2000"

Scale Aircraft Modelling
Sept 84, Vol 6 #12 (England)
Full history, b+w pics, lots of camouflage  schemes of all variants (28  in total).
Worth looking for.

Scale Models
Feb 84 (MAP- England)
Detail colour pics, cockpit pics, history, modelling notes, 1/72 plans.
Good but old.

Sept 88, Vol 18 #5 (USA)
Flying a F111 at Red Flag, mission profile from the cockpit (really amusing), colour & b+w pics (good pics).
Really good text

Model Aid International
Jan 87 (Malta)
B+W and some colour pics, history (not ext.), camo schemes, detail pics,1/72 plans. Not very good.

Aerei Modelismo
anno 5, Maggio (Italy)
Extensive modelling info, but good detail pics and sketches. Camo schemes, colour equivalents. Good
There's also a map from MAP of the F 111 E at 1/72 (reprinted to other scales) with undercarriage, module & B cockpit sketches, plus detailed b+w pics.

Military Aircraft of the World 1975
John W.R. Taylor and Gordon Swanborough
ISBN: 0-684-14398-4 page 57, F-111A and page 58 FB-111A

Boneyard Badges 2000
Airlife Publishing Ltd (England)  Philip D Chinnery
page 86-91 F-111 nose art  ISBN: 1-84037-102-1.

Aircraft Profile # 259
General Dynamics F-111A to F&FB-11
Hylton Lacy Publishers / Profile Publications
24 pages of B&W - 3 pages of coloured graphics.
20.37cm X 18.2cm
Covers of early years, Showing it's age / small & b average

Przeglad konstrukcji Lotniczych # 32 "/1997
by Ireneusz Kramarski
Altair Ltd
ISSN 1230-2953

48 Component Repair Squadron
Welcome to 48 CRS
RAF Lakenheath

48 Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Welcome to 48 EMS

Kokufan –
Famous Aircraft of the World
# 85, 5 May 1997
GD F-111/FB-111

Versatile F-111
General Dynamics Fort Worth publication
35 pages, soft cover
8 inches wide X 10 inches high. (see page #2)(

79 Tactical Fighter Squadron
The F-111 Tigers, Squadron brochure

14 Jan  1989 Australia´s F-111 update debate
10 Aug 1985 Mission adaptive wing by Julian Moxon
01 Nov 1995 Irreplacable Aaardvark by Graham Warwick
24 Sept 1970 Swinging in at Upper Heyford
03 June 1971 NATO´s pivotal striker by Humphrey Wynn     -------

Air Enthusiast
Jan 1972 Swing Wing Birds of Pease

Aviation Week and Space Technology
08 Aug 1977; Air Force Doctrine by David A Brown
19 Nov 1993; Fb-111 Tests of SRAM Advance by Clarence Robinson
30 April 1973; F-111 shows bombing support strenghts in Indochina by Cecil Brownlow
06 Sept 1982; Pavetack target system demonstrated by David A Brown
02  Dec 1982; Facility restores badly damaged F-111´s by Erwin J Bulban

Air International
March 1975, Variable Geometry Today by Roy Braybrook
Dec      1986, Vol 31 #6 Jammers Delight, the GD/Grumman EF-111 by Warren Thompson

Flying Review
Vol 21 #6 Feb 1966; Swing Wings at Fort Worth
Vol 25 #1 May 1969; F-111 controversy and capability by William Green

Air Forces Monthly
Jan 1992; When the Aardvark went to war by Alfred Price
Jan 1990; F-111 Aardvarks
Jan 1996; Flying the Vark by Rick Llinares
March 92; The grey pig by Graig P Justo
Aug 1995; The best of the best, profile #1 sqn RAAF by Neville Dawson

July 1979 Vol 9 #4; F-111 Billion Dollar Blunder or Answer to the Loss of the B-1'?
by Jay Miller

Journal of Military Aviation
July/Aug 1992 Vol 1 #4; SAC Switchblades - George R Cockle
Sept/Oct 1992 Vol 1 #5; Farewell to the FB-111 - PhillipeColin

Air Force Magazine
April 1981, FB-111 Mission Profile by William A Ford
Oct   1993, Tank Plinking by Michael J Bodner
April 1993, Aardvarks Gather at Cannon by Frank Oliveri
March  96, Wings of Change by Paul Kennedy

(Official Magazine of the U.S. Air Force)
Dec  1992 The Raven´s Roost by Keane
Mar 1990; "Ready in the Air, Plattsburghs Bomber-Tanker Force"
                  Story and photos by CMSgt. Don Sutherland Director of Photo Journalism
                  pages 28-33 (color and black&white)
Jun  1974, The swinging single by John Correll
Dec 1973, Deadly in the night by Loren Leonberger

Aircraft Illustrated
Aug 1976 F-111 in Europe by Roger Wright

Aviation News
Vol 15 #08 5 Sept 1986, Aardvarks against North Vietnam by Robert Dorr
Vol 16 #18 22 Jan, F-111 overview by Bob Archer
Vol 17 #20 17 Feb 1989, FB-111 force still flies with SAC by Robert Doll

United Aircraft Bee Hive  -
The Swing Wing Birds of Pease
Summer 1971,by Ralph Villers

F-111d Stutzpunkt Cannon Air Base
March 1981,by Gerhard Joos

Battle # 4
Yanks at Oxford by Bill Gunston

#02 1966, Developng a Multi Mission Aircraft
#12 1964, First Analysis of The F-111

Air Fan
Nov 1990, Une merveille délectronique by Alain Pigeard
March / April 1988. No cat blues, le F-111 dont personne ne voulait by Stephane Nicolaou
Scale Aircraft Modelling
Sept 1984 vol 6 No12

Carnets de Vol
Nov 1990 No74, F-111 Swing Wing Bomber  by Donald Ingram
Nov 1991 No 85, Le Grumman EF-111 Raven by Donald Irving

Famous Airplanes Of The World –
No 62 January 1997
General Dynamics F/FB-111 Aardvark, EF-111 Raven
Color/B&W photos; scale drawings; Japanese text.
SECTIONS: One Eleven Color Pics; F-111 Family; RAAF Varks; Varks In Mission;
                   F-111, FB-111, EF-111; Unit Details of One-Eleven; Varks Go To War;
Bunrindo Co Ltd 3-39-2 Nakano, Nakano-ku,Tokyo 164 Japan
Tel 03(5385)5868 FAX 03 (5385) 5613
ISBN#: 4-89-319-059-8
Size: 7 4/16 inches x 10 3/16 inches
Pages: 96 , Japanese Text, Soft Cover. - BRILLIANT but A4 size - even so a must have !!

QUICK STRIKE by Joe Cupido
Concord Publications Company,
Concord Colour Series, copyright 1995,  pages 42-60 on EF-111 and F/FB-111s
ISBN#: 962-361-724-7

USAF Strike Aircraft by Joe Cupido,
Osprey Aerospace, copyright 1991,
pages 30-63 on EF-111 and F/FB-111s (full colour)
ISBN# 1-85532-176-9

USAF Today
An Air Classics Special Report
Summer 1984, Challenge Publications, Inc.
pages 19-21: General Dynamics FB-111A
pages 50-53: General Dynamics F-111
pages 88-89: General Dynamics/Grumman EF-111A

Fine Scale Modeler
Vol. 5 No. 5 October 1987
International Color And Camouflage,
SAC's FB-111A In Lizard Colors
pages 38-39 By Dana Bell
 Pease Air Force Base 1956-1981
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Open House Souvenir Album
July 12, 1981,16 pages in black&white with the covers in color

Air Progress
February 1970
FB-111A First New Bomber In 10 Years, pages 56-57Challenge Publications,Canoga Park, CA Inc.

Air Force Magazine
June  1973 - "Whispering Death -The F-111 in SEA" by Wayne Thomis pages 22-27
April  1981 - "FB-111A Mission Profile"A Staff Report -  Photos by William A. Ford -
                      Art Director pages 64-68 in color
April  1993, Vol. 76, No. 4   ISSN 0730-6784 published by the Air Force Association
                   - "The Aardvarks Gather at Cannon" by Frank Oliveri  pages 36-42
March 1996  "Wings of Change"Photographs by Paul Kennedy and Guy Aceto,
                      Art Director ,pages 58-65
United States Air Force
38 pages (text and diagrams)

Photography by Mark Meyer
Intorduction by Chuck Yeager
ISBN 0-934738-05-X
Includes many USAF aircraft,FB-111 photos: pages. 10-11;21;63;64-65;66-67;68;72;92.
FB-111 info and line drawing: p.134
Published 1984 by Thomasson-Grant in, Inc2250-6 Old Ivy
Road,Charlottesville, Virginia 22901. (804) 977 1780.
Size: 9 4/16 inches x 12 5/16 inches

Strategic Air Command People,
Aircraft and Missles - Edited by Norman Polmar pages 176-177 on FB-111

U.S. Bombers 1928 to 1980s
By Lloyd S. Jones  Third Edition 1980 pages 244-248 on FB-111

Air Force Times
September 25, 1995 Commentary by Robert F. Door
"Why Dumping the Vark is a Mistake"

The Magazine of North American Military Aviation
No.7, Fall-Winter '95
ISSN 1084-0958
"Aardvarks on the Pecos"  by Arnold Swanberg

Air Fan International
The International Journal of Military Aviation
Vol. 2, No. 1-December 1996 pages 12-15
ISSN 1083-2548
"Boneyard Wrangler" by Lenn Bayliss -
Note: Article republished on this site.

Born in Battle
Defence Update International
Number 92  DEC 1988
ISSN   0931-7317  c1988 by Eshel Dramit Ltd.
"F-111 Swing Wing Bomber In Action!"  pages 30-43

Aircraft Illustrated
August 1998  Vol 31 No 8
"Losing the Spark"
by Ted Carlson/Fotodynamics  pages 42-49
Ian Allan Publishing Ltd 1998

Air Forces Monthly
January 1990 No 22
Aircraft Profile: - F-111 Aardvark – pages 24-35
by Malcolm English, Richard Gennis & John Wegg
published by Key Publishing Ltd., PO Box 100 Stamford,
Lincs,     PE9 1XQ UK

Superbase 18 Cold Lake
Canada's Northern Guardians
by  Robbie Shaw 1990
Osprey Publishing Limited
ISBN 0-85045-910-9
pages 112-119 on FB-111A

Air Combat
Vol 21, No 5  June 1993 Challenge Publications, Inc.
CANNON'S AARDVARKS by Paul C. Ragusa pages 24-29, 48-53color and black&white
Volume 24, No1  January / February 1996
FLYING THE 'VARK  by Rick Llinares pages 26-34, 44-47 color and black&white
Vol 26, No 5  October / November 1998
AARDVARKS RETIRE by Bob McIntyre  pages: 24-37, 52-55 color and black&white

Supersonic Aircraft of USAF
Jerry Scutts,Mallard Press  c1989   ISBN 0-792-450-13-2
'ENTER THE VARK' pages 28-32

Strategic Air Command
by David A. Anderton
Charles Scribner's Sons  New York
ISBN: 0-684-14403-4
Part III: The Bomber Force
Chapter 11: 509th Bombardment Wing    pages 92-103

U*S*A*F*E*  A Primer of Modern Air Combat in Europe
The Presidio Power Series
AIRPOWER #1002  Revised Edition
Michael Skinner; Photography by George Hall
Published by Presidio Press 31 Pamaron Way, Novato CA  94949
ISBN#: 0-89141-326-X
Size: 8 2/16 inches x 8 14/16 inches
Pages: 130 pages; softcover; Interdiction: 'Vark Ridge  (20 pages on the Vark)
Color B&W photos; maps; charts.

Tail Code
The Complete History of USAF Tactical Aircraft Tail Code Markings
Author: Patrick Martin
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 77 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA  19310
ISBN#: 0-88740-513-4
Size: 8 10/16 inches x 11 5/16 inches
Pages: 244 pages; hardcover Color and B&W photos (c) 1994 by Patrick Martin
Its by no means 111-specific. It is a great reference book.  Information pertaining to F111's in TAC; USAFE; and PACAF is covered thoroughly.
"Tail Codes are a method of military aircraft unit recognition used by the
Unites States Air Force.  TAIL CODE is a detailed study of this system, from
its start in the mid-1960s, until 1990.

Inside Amarc
The Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Center, Tucson, Arizona.
Author: Jerry Fugere and Bob Shane-Photographer
MBI Publishing LLC, 729 Prospect Avenue, PO Box 1, Osceola WI
54020-0001 USA; 1-800-826-6600;
ISBN#: 0-7603-1095-5
Size: width: 8 10/16 inches; height: 12 inches - Pages: 159 pages/hardcover.
Not F-111 specifically but covers allot.

The Ten Days of Christmas
by Marshall L. Michell
It is a very good read about the history of Line Backer II


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