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Last updated 15th May 2003

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  • 37th Anniversay of the first F-111 flight  21 December 1964, crewed by GD Test Pilots Dick Johnson and Val Prahl.

    17 December 2000 -- 30 year Anniversary of the first
    FB-111A (68-0265) to arrive at Pease AFB, NH.

    Crew: Col. Winston E. Moore (509th BMW commander) and 
    Maj. Billy R. Seals. Crew Chief was Sgt. Joe Debelis.
    USAF FB-111A 68-0265 is now RAAF F-111G A8-265

    See  FB-111A Switchblade

  • Vehicle Licence Plate " MYF-111 "  for sale.
    Northern Territory (AU) personalised fully transferable number plate.  Phone Peter on +61 (0)417 006 393.
    Asking $800 AUD (~$440 USD). (image to come)
  • FB-111 Community looses one of its own...
    Bob Voelker
    passed away on December 19th after a long illness.  He was one of the original "Carswell Clique" and a fine gentleman.  Bob grew up in Belleville, Ill., and achieved his boyhood dream when he received his commission and a pilot rating through the Air Force cadet pilot training program.  He was selected as part of the initial cadre for the FB-111 training at Carswell Air Force Base.   After proudly serving for 29 years, he retired as a colonel and a highly respected officer.
    Memorial service: 2 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 6, at NAS Joint Reserve Base Chapel.   --via George Key
  • First Female F-111 Aircrew: "The Queensland Times" reported on 19Feb00 that two women have flown into Australian history books by being the first female navigators (WSOs) on F-111 aircraft. The two women, aged 21 and 23, recently completed the six month F-111 Operational Conversion Course along with four men.  (photo Michael Holman, QT article Gemma Westacott)
    Girl Navs
    Photos of jungle memorial.
  • RiverFireBrisbane Riverfire Dump and Burn
    Once again, a terrific show!
    Photos or mpegs wanted for this website.


  • Boeing Preferred Tenderer for F-111 Contract
    The Minister for Defence, John Moore, announced that Boeing Australia has been selected as the preferred tenderer for a major part of the long term support of Australia's F-111 aircraft.
    press release here
  • rimpac-comboAussie F-111 'Harpoons' USN Destroyer!  As part of the combined maritime exercise 'RIMPAC', a RAAF F-111C fired a live harpoon missile at the decomissioned destroyer hulk,
    USN Buchanan. Further RAAF F-111s returned and sank the ship with LGBs. (images Department of Defence, info 'Courier Mail')
  • RAN site here.

  • Employment Opportunities - Expressions of Interest wanted for numerous trades at RAAF AMBERLEY.
  • Bob Styger has some authentic 27th FW scarfs for sale.  See the memorabilia page.

  • FB-111A.NET, the 'Switchblade' website is seeking info about the 'Seacoast Cruncher', a FB-111 of the 509th BMW, Pease AFB NH.  This aircraft participated in the 1981 SAC Bomb/Nav Competition.  The artwork depicted a cartoon like lobster.   email:

  • More aussie F-111 Patches.

  • Aussie Decals releases new decal sheets for RAAF F-111.

  • New images from Jason O'Toole from the Avalon Airshow 99.

  • Confederate Air Force F-111E 68-027 is now at Midland International Airport.  It requires front gear doors and a repair to the radome.  Can anyone help??

  • Photo or slide of F-111C A8-136 wanted (for loan).  Please email

  • Curt Lenz has some USAF original scarfs for sale.  Have a look at the memorabilia page for details.

  • Scale Modellers... SCALEDOWN has produced new modification kits to detail 1/48 scale F-111s. See the products on the models page.

  • Many close up photos of a F-111C for the scale modellers.

  • "F-111 carries Raptor Pod" republished from Air Force Today.

  • 82WG Technical Training Section page about pre-production F-111A 63-9768.

  • Airshows and F-111 Displays

  • 6SQN Images from a recent exercise.

  • Radio Controlled Flying Models. & Large USAF Display Models

  • AMARC, The F-111 Graveyard.

  • 'Fight's On at Green Flag' - Aussie Pigs at Nellis. Article republished from Air Force Today.
  • AIR POWER INTERNATIONAL, a 72 page glossy colour aviation magazine features 25 pages about the F-111 in it's previous edition (Vol.3 No.4).  Many new in-flight photographs.   Magazine is $4.95 USD (plus postage) and they do post to the US!! See more details here.
  • Addition of another 60 patches (on 10 pages) courtesy of Ad de Graaff, Patrick Pope and Annie Wate.
  • Kevin Coyne has given permission to to host his incredibly detailed F-111 Crew Module Escape and Survival Systems page. Kevin runs a web site detailing many other ejection systems and related stories.  Kevin's site is at
  • Pat Crain ( has made some FB-111A commemorative knives made. Have a look at the Memorabilia page.
  • SAVE THE F-111B!!
    Latest word from Steve Weiss on F-111B 152714 is the guys left at McClellan are having a rough time convincing the base brass the thing is worth saving.  It's in poor condition, but because of it's uniqueness should probably be saved for future restoration. With the base closing in just about 1 1/2 years, it may go to the scrap heap soon.  The Pima Air Museum at Tucson AZ is reportedly still interested if it can be provided to them for next to no price. (31Jan99)

  • F-111A 66-042, which crashed on 12 February 1969 killing Capt Robert Jobe and Capt William Fuchlow (IP) has recently been rediscovered on a mountain side in Nevada.  29 years after the loss of the aircraft and crew on a training mission, Mark Howes and some dirt biking friends rediscovered the crash site on Mt Pequop.  For some reason or other, the USAF had not followed its normal practise in clearing the crash site.  66-042 still lies on the green and peaceful mountain top that claimed it so many years before. (13Sep98).
    Image courtesy of Mark Howes
    Read some newspaper clippings here.

    66-042tail.gif (12643 bytes)

  • On-Target graphics have an enormous range of F-111 drawings and unit patches available for shirts, caps, business cards etc. Have a look at on-target.htm for examples!! Note the change of email address to


Farewell to the last
American F-111

21 December 1964 -
19 June 1998
patch courtesy of
Gerald McMasters


  • Happy Birthday Col Ivan "Ike" Dethman. 
        IvanDetman_CL.gif (3675 bytes)

    Col Dethman celebrates his 80th Birthday on March 19.  Col Dethman was the first Commanding Officer of the 'COMBAT LANCER / HARVEST REAPER' deployment to south east Asia in 1968.  That operation marked the first time the F-111 went to combat. (Image by On-Target)

Happy Birthday!!! - from On-Target

  • Avionics Technicians / Mechanical Technicians. An Australian recruiting company, 'MANPOWER', is looking for qualified technicians on behalf of Boeing, to work on RAAF F-111s at RAAF Base Amberley.  You can contact Mark Stedfut at for further details. (source - advertisement in RAAF NEWS newspaper.)
  • Addition of dozens more patches courtesy of Ad De Graaff, a devoted aviation enthusiast and memorabilia collector.  You will find his patches from the "variations' links from many of the existing patches.  A partial display of his collection is here.
  • RAAF 82 Wing Intel / Recce / Photo has a new patch.
    Patch collectors, you can contact to purchase one if you like. ($5 USD plus $2 postage).

  • Addition of close up photos of the F-111C and F-111G for the scale modellers out there.
  • New image from 82WG photographic - EX PITCH BLACK 98
    (95WG is the 'bad guy' wing created for RAAF exercises)
pitchblack1.jpg (5285 bytes)
  • CRAIG 'QUIZMO' BROWN, an ex F-111 pilot and patch enthusiast has many patches (including the many he made) for sale. Visit his new web site at (7Sep98)

  • Artwork for sale...David Cole has two prints by Bert Peacock for sale. Both prints were made in 1987, and are signed and numbered. Both have been professionally framed and treated against fading, yellowing, or moisture. David is open to offers. See the prints at the new Artwork for Sale page. (22Aug98)

  • Robert Styger has provided images and information revealing the fate of F-111A 65-5702, now residing at FAA Atlantic City. (19July98)

  • On-Target graphics have an enormous range of F-111 drawings and unit patches available for shirts, caps, business cards etc. Have a look at on-target.htm for examples!! Note the change of email address to (16July98)

  • Coming in the same month as the USAF ends its 33 years of F-111 operations, and the RAAF celebrates 25 years of the F-111C in Australia, Don Logan has published a superb hardbound colour reference book. This is a 'must have' book for ex-maintainers and flightcrew, scale modellers and enthusiasts alike. All F-111 aircraft are detailed, with colour photos of all but a handful.
    You can purchase an autographed copy of Don's 'F-111 Aardvark' directly from him.
    (See here for details.)

  • Philippe Colin has moved his FB-111A Switchblade site to
    Farewell to the FB-111A
    covers the departure of the last SAC FB-111As from Plattsburgh AFB;
    FB-111A Names and Nose Arts, lists all the aircraft nicknames, as well as examples of nose art;
    and further
    FB-111A photos .(1July98)

  • Addition of a 'Museums' page. (28June98)

  • Want to buy you very own F-111? No, I'm being serious here!
    All you need is $USD 80,000 and a truck. Bob Schneider of RRS Aviation has an early F-111 (B1??) with an unusual history for sale from his hanger at Hawkins TX (90 miles east of Dallas on I-20 & 260 miles north of Houston).
    Bob says...
    "The airframe is about as complete
    externally an aircraft that you can find including the afterburners,cannon door installation in the weapons bay, operating bay doors, movable flaps and slats, and a lot of neat stuff to go with it.......I just need the space for my other projects that I am doing for some Museums."

    Bob Schneider can be contacted by:
    email , fax +1 903 769-5631, voice +1 903 769-2904 and homepage .(25June98)

  • Info about the latest three F-111 books (published 97/98) can be found on the books page. Included is the Australian Defence Public Information Office's locally produced 'The Flight of the Pig' by Mal Lancaster (2June98)

  • Added images to the F-111E Tail Numbers page of two aircraft preserved in the U.K.(26May98)

  • MSgt Dave Nolan and his colleagues have many official F-111 photographs available at
    Just search at the site for F-111 (26May98)

  • RAAF 25 years of F-111 operations at Amberley celebrations were held on 31 May and 1 June 1998.
    Activities included a F-111G Low Level Aerobatics and Handling Display on both days, and a 'Freedom of the City March' in Ipswich on 1 June. A four ship flypast of the parade and many population centres of southern Queensland and northern NSW was also conducted. The callsign used for the flypast was 'Aussie 125 Flight', the same callsign used for the first formation of F-111C to arrive on Australian soil 25 years earlier.
    ALSO why not look at the
    F-111 Down-Under article.(26May98)

  • 'Pigs Can Fly' ready for release...

    MacMillan Films
    in association with Thistle Pictures has completed filming and production of an hour long documentary about the Australian F-111 which aired on the Australian Channel Seven network on Saturday 6 June. The film, titled 'Pigs Can Fly', is dedicated to the seven RAAF and one USAF aircrew who have died in RAAF F-111 aircraft over the last 25 years. A great deal of air to air and ground to air footage has been taken for the production which was technically assisted by the staff of 82 Wing Photographic Services. More details here. (6June98)

  • Calling Paul Fazackerly (not sure about the spelling). Bob Wyatt , who flew with you in 1969, is trying to get in hold of you. Can anyone help?? (2Apr98)

  • If you flew the EF-111, Mike 'Spot' Stavros is trying to reach YOU. 
    Mike 'Spot' Stavros, (19Mar98)

  • A short DSTO article about the re-engining of the F-111C. (21Mar98)

  • Ever wanted to design an ejection module system?
    Have a look at Kevin Coyne's extraordinarily detailed brief on the
    F-111 Ejection system. (21Mar98)

  • Australian Minister of Defence outlines Australia's Strategic Policy, part of which confirms that the F-111 will be kept in the RAAF until the year 2020 (57 years after Australia ordered them!!).(7Dec97)

  • GEOCITIES has server congestion every so often. This is why you may occasionally see a message that says that the GEOCITIES site does not exist. Please use the 'reload' function and if still no joy, try again later. Thanks. (2Sep97)

  • Animated F-111B carrier launch gif here. (29Jun97)

  • F-111 models for Microsoft Flight Sim 5. (15Mar97)

  • RAAF to purchase Lockheed Martin / Rafael AGM-142 Raptor/Popeye/Have Nap (14Mar97)

  • Colour Slides of various aircraft tail numbers are wanted by Patrick Martin. Can you help him? (12Mar97)

  • Memorial page dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the F-111. (9Mar97)

toffani.gif (66623 bytes)
Images courtesy of Sasha

RAAF F-111 25th Anniversary

The RAAF celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the arrival of the F-111C to Australia on 1 June 1998.
photo courtesy of Lenn Bayliss
Boneyard Wrangler
The Boneyard Wrangler
RAAF F-111G A8-274
RAAF F-111G enroute for Close Air Support mission with US Marines during

MSgt Dave Nolan and his colleagues have many official F-111 photographs available at
Just search at the site for F-111

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