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6 x F-111 Flight Manuals CD-ROM
Last Updated 8 February, 2004

F-111A (pre-production), F-111B, F-111E and FB-111A also on the, in association with Crystal Publishing,  is proud to present a CD-ROM product containing the historic flight manuals (dash-1's) of the F-111A,
, FB-111A, F-111D, F-111E and F-111F in text searchable PDF format.  A copy of Acrobat Reader is also included on the CD-ROM.  The manuals may be printed for own reference.

Funds from the F-111 Flight Manual go to the running costs (including server, ISP, Domain etc) of --a 'not-for-profit' site.

The CD-ROM contains all six flight manuals listed below.   The manuals were scanned (in B/W) and are text searchable.  (The F-111E and F-111F have colour pages).

The six manuals (many hundreds of pages each) total 276 MB.

The Flight Manuals can be printed, and from a laser printer, appear as a reasonable quality photo copy.  Note that the F-111E manual has some horizontal lines throughout some pages. All text is quite readable.  Each manual must be opened using a password which is supplied with the CD-ROM.

DOWNLOAD a SAMPLE two pages (sample.pdf 131Kb)


T.O. 1-1F-111(Y)A-1
3 December 1965
23 December 1966


15 March 1968
15 May 1968


T.O. 1-1F-111(B)A-1
1 June 1973
12 October 1973


T.O. 1-1F-111D-1
16 June 1972


T.O. 1-1F-111E-1
30 June 1973


T.O. 1-1F-111F-1
25 March 1977
Change 4
18 May 1979







Additionally, the following files are supplied on the CD-ROM:

  • CHECO Report: The F-111 in South East Asia Sep 72 - Jan 73 (1974) (Declassified)
  • FZM-12-6282 F-111 / FB-111 Structural Breakdowns Vol 1 (1969) 546 pages
  • FZM-12-4144B Structural Description Report F-111A, FB-111A, F-111E Vol 2 (1970) 402 pages
  • GD booklet LTP12-18
  • Video Files including a DIVX format of the 82WG Music Video

Below are pages from GD booklet LTP12-18 dated June 1968 which give a basic summary of the systems of that era's F-111A. A .PDF file of the scanned booklet pages has been made by, but due to it's size, is not downloadable from However it will be provided free with the Website CD-ROM, the F-111 Flight Manuals CD-ROM.

For best performance, it is recommended that the Flight Manuals be copied to a hard drive before opening with Acrobat Reader. Additionally, running Acrobat Reader within a web browser may produce unacceptable lag in slower computers. 


 The Flight Manual CD-ROM is available for $30 USD
(includes postage and insurance).
(Funds go to the maintenance of the website)

To order:

send an email to

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  $30 USD (preferred method)

Bank Transfer, Personal Check, Money Order  (Australia only) $40 AUD

Bank Check/International Money Order $35 USD
(the additional $5 is to cover the bank currency conversion commission)

Other payment methods can be arranged.

Copyright 12 Jan 2001. All rights reserved.
Crystal Publishing F111B file 25 Mar 2000.
All rights reserved.

Adobe ® Acrobat Reader for Windows copyright © Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. Adobe and Acrobat are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated, which may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

The CD-ROM has been carefully scanned for viruses during production, however we still recommend that you scan your system on a regular basis. Neither or Crystal Publishing can accept responsibility for any damage and/or loss to your data or equipment that may result from using the CD-ROM.

For Information: Original manuals sell for approx $100 USD each in the collectors market.


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