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This page contains details of radio controlled models, available kits, aftermarket kit conversions and decals, the paints to use, and a number of reviews. - Additional information is welcome!

Jim Rotramel's pages have some very unique, interesting and highly detailed pages for all F-111 buffs not only modellers! Jim was former USAF F-111 Weapons Systems Officer stationed at RAFL & Cannon AFB.
Jim Rotramel's ,ECM Pods, Weapon Loads, Antennas, Paint, Wings, Inlets
  Exhaust Nozzles, Weapons Bay, Landing Gear , Cockpit

Download - 720kb Win Zipp compressed file of large F-111E drawings.
Download - 3.83 MB Win Zip compressed file of drawings and images for r/c modelling / modelling in general
Radio Controlled Flying Models some RC models made in Australia and a few huge USAF display models too.

HAWKEYE MODELS AUSTRALIA - Quality RAAF F-111 decals & makers of decals for other MANY models !!


Wood and Fibreglass Display Pieces - just below

3 big pages of F-111 related books.


Kit Conversions

Paint Specifications

Plastic Kits Completed projects - EF-111A - F-111A - F-111F

Kit Reviews (Zhengdefu review here)

Recommended Kits

Close up images - RAAF F-111C A8-113 & F-111G A8-274
  F-111C A8-132 & F-111G A8-277

Verlinden Publications (Belgium)  F-111E/F AARDVARK book of close up photos (which is very difficult to locate these days) is available via Danny at DACO Products.  Email Danny for details.
Payment is possible to DACO in Belgium through Visa, Mastercard, Bank Of America account & PayPal.

Generally available at Vogler & Sons Ipswitch Queensland, Australia

Tail Numbers
You may find it useful to look at the tail number pages for your particular kit
Useful Books
Go to the "three" books pages for brief information about a number of books useful to the modeller.
Go to the images pages to find many colour photos of F-111
aircraft in different schemes .
Kerry COX of MODVID offers a video named "F-111G, 'Boneyard Wrangler', of 6 Sqn Amberley, filmed in 'Close-up'".   This video would be most suitable / "brilliant"for the scale modeller.

Wood & Fibreglass Display Models -Radio Controlled Flying Models & Huge USAF Display Models

MilWkShop.jpg (14834 bytes)


Kit Conversions

SCALEDOWN     1/48 SCALE F-111 UPGRADE SETS and 1/144 SCALE Models   or


New packs by SCALEDOWN....

SDA 48001     F-111 Long Wing/Flap/Slats Set (to suit F-111B/C/G/FB-111A)
SDA 48002     F-111 Afterburner Cans
SDA 48003     F-111 Wheels and Tyre Set
SDA 48004     FB-111A/F-111G Upgrade Set "A" Tail Cone and 4 pylons

Still to be mastered :
SDA 48005     F-111 Cockpit detail set (various versions)
SDA 48006     Weapons bay and Undercarriage with doors
SDA 48007     BRU and bomb set ( 2 BRU-3A/A racks and 12 Mk82LDGP per kit )
SDA 48008    
F-111 Short Wing/Flap/Slats Set (to suit F-111A/D/E/F/EF-111A)
SDA 48009     Positionable/detailed AVQ-26/A Pave Tack
                      (includes weapons bay)
SDA 48010     F-111 Standard 600 GAL Fuel Tanks - pair (correct size)
SDA 48011     FB-111A / F-111G 600 GAL Fuel Tanks - pair
SDA 48012     T.B.A.
SDA 48013     BRU and Mk 82 AIR (BSU-49B/) bombs set
                      ( 2 B
RU-3A/A racks and 12 bombs per set )
SDA 48014     BRU and Mk 82 Snakeye (Mk15) set
                      ( 2 BRU-3A/A racks and 12 bombs per set )
                   ## PURCHASERS OF 48013 and 48014  PLEASE NOTE ##
                        When carried on the inner pylons (stn 4 and 5), only four bombs
                        per BRU are carried . (slant four configuration)
SDA 48015    BRU and CBU's bombs set
SDA 48016    GBU 15 bombs  - pair
SDA 48017    B-61 "Special bombs" - pair
SDA 48018    FB-111A/F-111G conversion set "B"  ( nose , TPII inlet ) 
SDA 48019    Triple Plow II inlet ( F-111D,E,F)
SDA 48020    Undercarriage Bays and Doors
SDA 48021    Weapons Bay and Doors
SDA 48022    F-111B conversion set
SDA 48023    RF-111C conversion set
SDA 48024    F-111 AFTI/MAW wing set
SDA 48025    F-111 TACT wing set
SDA 48026    F-111E/F upgrade set
                       (includes GPS nose, TPII Inlets, ALE-40 chaff/flare
                            dispensers, cockpit interior)

Produced by master scale modeller Stephen Thrum, the brand new SCALEDOWN F-111 series provides extraordinary detail at a quite inexpensive price to the model enthusiast.  Currently based to modify the 1/48 ACADEMY F-111 series, Stephen has completed the 'Long Wing' set (five section flap) replacement kit, the detailed AB cans and nozzle sections, the bulged wheel and tyre set, the FB-111A / F-111G Pylon set and the FB-111A / F-111G Dump mast and 'figure of eight' panel.

Following feedback, Stephen has decided to build the FB-111A/F-111G upgrade in "A" & "B" sets. The "B" set will have the nose radome (or conversion) and the TPII intakes. Stephen will also be offering the TPII intakes separately for those wishing to model the D,E & F variants.

Postage and Handling rates: add 20% to order for inside Australia, 35% for outside.

To order, e-mail Stephen for a quote.  On reply of total price from Stephen, please then send a bank cheque or money order in Australian Dollars to :-

45 Avalon Street


1/144 SCALE Complete F-111 Models:

Still to be mastered :
SDA 144001    F-111A/D/E
SDA 144002    F-111B
SDA 144003    F-111C
SDA 144004    FB-111A/F-111G
SDA 144005    F-111F

Please note that the FB-111A/F-111G upgrade set is now coming out in "A" & "B" sets. Set "A" is available now. The "B" set will have the nose radome (or conversion) and the TPII intakes.  TPII intakes will also be seperately for those wishing to model the D,E & F variants.

Stephen can also tailor other PACK's to suit your project.

Stephen says that these will be a huge leap in quality over the existing crop of 1/144 scale F-111.  Stephen asks for comment from anyone who would be interested in these kits.

Refer to the Close up photographs page to see the actual details of the RAAF F-111C and F-111G.

SDA48001 F-111 Long Wing/Flap/Slats Set
The Wing Set features 16 parts including full replacement wings, slats, flaps, wing box assembly, overwing fairing bag assembly and rotating glove assembly.  This is an incredibly accurate set which requires only a minimum of cutting into the fuselage of the 1/48 Academy F-111C, FB-111A (F-111G), or Zhengdefu FB-111A.

NOTE:  This is an extremely high quality kit.
The image to the right shows the kit as delivered.

***** review of kit by Perth Military Modelling Society *****

See the SCALEDOWN WEBSITE for more images...

wing set
1 of 25 different packs available.
SB Castings

Steve [] produces a 1/48 scale conversion kit to build a F-111B from other kits. He quotes the price at $USD15.

F-111B Kit
F-111B Kit 1/48
OzMods    UPDATE


OZCONV4803, F111 long range tanks, 14 resin parts, $AUD 15.40
OZCONV4804, Pave Tack Pod, 1 resin part, $AUD 4.95

Proprietor: Greg Anderson
Postal Address: PO Box 700, Booval, QLD 4304, Australia.
Phone: (07) 3282 7000. Mobile 0421 044 824.

pavetack pods
SuperTech (verlinden productions)

Photo-etched and resin parts

(472) 1/72 Update to F-111D/F.
(473 or possibly 1420) 1/48 F-111F Update Set (Pave Tack pod, GBU-10's, ALQ-131, cockpit, clam-shells

(info Jordan Kennedy)

kit 472

kit 473

Steve Faxon

Produces resin 1/48 F-111F PaveTack pods and ECM pods. (Probably suitable for F-111C also). Cost is $USD10.
Mailing address is:

Steve Faxon,
1517 SE Godsey Rd,
Dallas, Oregon, 97338, USA

Xtra Parts - Resin aircraft Accessories

XP4812 1/48 F-111 Slats, Flaps and Wing Gloves Set
(Suitable for the shortwing A,D,E,F,EF)

H G Hannant ltd
Harbour Road
Oulton Broad
NR32 3LZ

Fox 3 Studios - Resin aircraft parts.

$USD10 conversion for the Monogram 1/48 F-111A (?) to the F-111B model.

Fox 3 Studios,
6837 Northpark Dr.,
Forth Worth,
TX 76180-2669,

A B Kit

1/48 F 111 A/E/F Wheels for the Academy kit
Price (in Great Britain) 6.95 pounds str.
Seem good but are not bulged. (for weight on wheels effect)

1/48 F 111 A/E/F (???) Cockpit for the Academy kit
13 parts. Floor, rear bulkhead, instruments coaming, seats, control sticks and sidewalls.
Price 12.95 pounds str.

1/48 F 111 A/E/F Ejector racks x 4 
Price 4.95 pounds str.

1/48 F 111 A/E/F AVQ26 Pave Tack Pod
Price 6.95 pounds str. (release delayed awaiting data)

(seen in Scale Aviation Modeller International)

Invicta Model Accessories
55 West Street
Kent ME10 1AN

Info from Julián

Parangon Designs

1/48 F-111F Resin Burner Cans
5.99 pounds str.

1/48 Short wing Flap / Slat set
available from:

The Aviation Hobby Shop
4 Horton Parade
Horton Road
West Drayton
Middlesex UB7 8EA

Info from Julián

Plane Bits

1/72 and 1/48, conversion for the RF-111C/G.

Obtainable by mail from "Just Planes" (they're off the Hyperscale website).

(thanks Evan Mayerle)

Decals and 'After Market' Kits.

"Pigs Head"Aussie Decals or
P.O. Box 94, Redbank, Brisbane, Queensland 4301 AUSTRALIA)
NEW - Aussie Decals has released new decal sheets for the RAAF F-111C and F-111G.

camo scheme

See the Aussie Decals Home Page here ...

aussie_decal_A48020.gif aussie_decal_A48.gif (5812 bytes) aussie_decal_A48022.gif (6375 bytes)
A72028 and A48010
RAAF F-111C and F-111G markings for the Grey Camouflage scheme.  Both 1SQN and 6SQN tail flashes are included, as well as walkways and kangaroo roundels (not shown).
A72031 and A48022
The two sheets above are sold combined to make either F-111C A8-125 (25th Anniversary of the arrival of the F-111C to Australia); and F-111G A8-272, the Boneyard Wrangler. Note that A72028 or A48010 will also be required.

The "Hand-Over Day" sheets are still available from Aussie Decals, but stocks are dwindling.

Sheet No. A72015 is for the 1/72 Scale F-111G representing tail numbers A8-265 and A8-270 at "Hand-Over Day" (18 Oct 93).
Sheet No. A48012 is for the 1/48 Scale F-111G representing tail numbers A8-265 and A8-270 at "Hand-Over Day" (18 Oct 93).

Sheet No. X015-48 1/48 Scale - 48TFW F-111
Sheet No. XD34-72 1/72 Scale - 48TFW F-111 Lakenheath 1970-1992 F-111F 72-448

Super Scale
1/48 Scale
Sheet No. 48-393 FB-111A, F-111A, F-111D 68-0244, 67-076, 68-180
Sheet No. 48-395 FB-111A, F-111E, F-111D 68-0250, 68-0292, 68-078, 68-127
Sheet No. 48-228 FB-111A 68-0247, 68-0269
Sheet No. 48-229 F-111A/E black stencil data for SEA cam aircraft
Sheet No. 48-396 EF-111A, FB-111A low vis grey stencil data
Sheet No. 48-394 EF-111A 67-052, 66-042, 67-035, 67-039
Sheet No. 48-315 F-111E/F 72-448, 68-020, 68-039
Sheet No. 48-250 F-111E Bi-Centennials 66-020, 70-376
1/72 Scale
Sheet No. 72-132 F-111A/E, FB-111A 20TFW, 474TFW, SAC, USN, RAAF
Sheet No. 72-285 TAC Update F-111A 366TFW
Sheet No. 72-450 FB-111A,F-111E 68-0247 509BW, TigerMeet 68-0269 338BW, 20TFW Bi-Centennial
Sheet No. 72-451 EF-111A 66-049 Prototype markings 1978, 66-018 366TFW (MO)
Sheet No. 72-452 Stencil data cam aircraft F-111A/E FB-111A
Sheet No. 72-512 FB-111A, F-111F 67-0159 McClellan Test Aircraft,70-376 389TFS Mt Home Bi-Centennial
Sheet No. 72-542 USAFE F-111E/F 72-448 Wing CO 48TFW, 68-020 Wing CO 20TFW, 68-077 SQN CO 77TFS
Sheet No. 72-611 FB-111A 68-244 380BW, F-111A 68-076 391TFS MO, F-111D 68-180 523TFS Canon
Sheet No. 72-612 EF-111A 67-052, 66-042, 67-035 42ECS (UH), 67-014 366TFW (MO), 67-039 390 ECS (MO)
Sheet No. 72-613 FB-111A F-111A/E 68-0250, 68-0292, 68-070, 68-127
Sheet No. 72-614 EF-111A and FB-111A low vis grey stencil data


Sheet 72-512 1/72 1976 Bicentennial plus SM-ALC FB-111A 67-0159


F-111 Paint Specifications - for scale modellers.

Note that the RAAF F-111C colours were probably the same colours that the TAC F-111A/D/E/F were painted during the 1970s and 1980s. The SAC FB-111A began with a green camouflage with white underside, but towards the end were painted a three colour dark green / grey pattern. This led to the name 'Dark Vark'. Towards the late 1980s the USAF F-111 (excluding the EF-111A) were painted all-over Grey (see colour below). Some model kits for the F-111C show the underside as white or light grey. This was changed to black before delivery to Amberley in 1973. Note that all RAAF F-111s are now painted grey.

Colour FS Colour Number Remarks




BLACK MATT FS595A 37038 various
DK GREEN MATT FS595A 34079 camouflage

Late 80's CAMO:
FS595A 34102 camouflage
GREY MATT (gunship grey) FS595A 36118 low vis. camouflage, F-111E, F-111F, F-111G and now F-111C
(additional to SEA camo)
(note that prior to delivery, RAAF F-111C had a light grey underside, which was repainted Black Matt prior to ferry)
RED GLOSS FS595A 11376 RAAF roundels etc
WHITE GLOSS FS595A 17875 wheel bays, weapons bay, engine inlets
YELLOW GLOSS FS595A 13538 1SQN tail flash
BLUE GLOSS FS595A 15045 6SQN tail flash
Early SAC
GREEN FS595A 34079 SAC FB-111A (Hasegawa)
GREEN FS595A 34159 SAC FB-111A (Hasegawa)
TAN FS595A 34201 SAC FB-111A (Hasegawa)
WHITE FS595A 17875 SAC FB-111A underside (Hasegawa)
Late SAC
37038 (Last version)
Radome coating 26492


This is a manificent example of a 3D computer generated F-111 model.

(it doesn't exist in a physical form!)

Oh Dear!!!

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Recommended Links

Establish in 1968 & focused on aircraft located at the USAF Museum Dayton Ohio -

For those in Australia, I recommend Vogler's for kit supplies. Being the local model shop to RAAF Base Amberley, and having numerous customers from the base as well as contacts in the local Scale Model club, they are well placed to serve the F-111 scale modeller's needs.
They also have good supply of the Verlinden Book LOCK ON #5 F-111E/F -
See three big pages of all known
F-111 Books

Vogler and Son
138-140 BrisbaneStreet,
Ipswich, Queensland, 4305
phone (07) 3281 1440
Fax - (07) 3281 0166
Mobile - 014 895 428

Special thanks to Julián, Anabel, Bill Thurley, Stephen Thrum, Jason and Jullian Gray Moffatt, Peter Russell, and Ron Vanderwalker

Disclaimer: I neither endorse or guarantee any products listed above. I am only listing what is or in some cases had been available.

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