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Last updated 20 October 2001

Zhengdefu F-111 series A relatively new arrival on the scale modelling scene, the Chinese brand 'Zhengdefu' has produced three 1/48 scale F-111 examples; the F-111E, EF-111A and FB-111A. These models are not to the same detail as the leading 1/48 scale F-111 manufacturer, Academy, but are well worth a mention particularly because of the price.  In Australia the Zhengdefu models are distributed by 'Crazy Clarks' (of all people!!) and are marked at $12.99 AUD.   (About $7 USD!!)

Crazy Clarks is a retail chain of cheap imported goods. Look in the Yellow Pages for the nearest to you.

This very low price makes the Zhengdefu F-111 quite attractive to the young scale modeller, or for particular less detailed projects such as desk top models on stands.  Another use is for those who are going to use the range of 'SCALEDOWN' after market pieces such as the wing/slat/flap kit, the undercarriage kit, and the dumpmast kit.

The three Zhengdefu kits are made from standard sprues, with all kits coming with the gun shroud, EF-111A weapons bay canoe, and Triple Plow I splitter plates and translating cowls.  All kits also come with external fuel tanks and an erroneous 'three-pylon-per-wing' pivot system.  The fuselage casts, however, will take the 'SCALEDOWN' after market wing/slat/flap assembly.  The fuselage and wings are all moulded with slightly deeper than necessary seam lines, but the plastic is thick and will handle the sanding down well.

The decals are probably the weakest point for these models.  They are extremely low quality and poorly formed. Each kit even carries a spurious decal saying 'The senior occupant is responsible for he vehicle', and 'No smoking in the vehicle'!!

F-111E F-111E (DF326). The F-111E is probably the pick of the bunch, in so far as what is contained in the kit.  Apart from the the common sprues, there is an extra weapons and stores sprue containing BRU's, MK82LDGPs, ALQ-131 ECM pod, SUU-20s and AIM-9s. The major error with this kit is the Triple Plow I in lieu of proper TP II blow-in-door engine intakes. In fact, the kit as presented is closer to an F-111A then the F-111E.
FB-111A FB-111A (DF327). The FB-111A is moulded in a dark green with stores of four external fuel tanks and unidentifiable ECM pods. Flaws with this kit are significant when compared to the kits of four times or more price.  Obvious errors include the TP I intake in lieu of TP II, the wrong type of weapons pylon, and the incorrect dump mast. The longer span wings however are correctly depicted. Given these errors, the kit actually represents a F-111C.
EF-111A EF-111A (DF327). The EF-111A is moulded in a light grey colour with the EF specific tail appearing well done. The fuselage pieces are all quite clean with the exception of the wings which have a raised seam line an inch short of the tips. The decals are once again a disaster!


Wings.   Apart from the extra sprue in the F-111E kit, and the EF-111A specific tail in the EF kit, the only other difference between the three kits is the larger wing of the FB-111A kit.  A raised seam is present on both the short and long wing.  SCALEDOWN wings with their slat and flaps can be substituted with ease.

Further reviews, and images of made Zhengdefu kits gratefully accepted.

Crazy Clarks is a retail chain of cheap imported goods. Look in the Yellow Pages for the nearest to you. LOGO


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