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Videos and DVDs

Discovery Channel
Great Planes: General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark

(E), 1995-2000, 60 minutes
Format: DVD & VHS video in PAL format.
Both DVD & VHS are $14.95 Au dollars each + freight
Genre: Aviation, Discovery, Special Interest
Great Planes looks into the stories behind the most influential, innovative and intriguing machines that ever took flight.The story of the fighter that became a bomber. The F111 set new standards of design, but had to wrestle with adapting high technology.
Available from
Magna Pacific - 07 32671113 (Queensland Australia)

The RAAF F-111G
"Bone Yard Wrangler" - A8-272

filmed 1n 1999 at Amberley

By MODVID Productions - Kerry Cox -
A must have for any F-111G - FB-111A enthusiast. Produced with the modeller in mind.
Allot of close up slow panned shots !

May also now be available on DVD

Yet to be Released
Title Upper Heyford By Jon Davison
This CD ROM features the work of Jon Davison. He photographed RAF Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire, UK, during the late 1980's and early 1990's. The images are from the Osprey Aerospace publication 'Upper Heyford - Aardvarks and Ravens. · Base activities · Aardvarks · Ravens · Maintenance · Hangars · Landings & takeoffs · Details · 77th TFS · 42nd ECS · Aircrew and many more. Jon Davison - contact -

Combat Women
Director - David Aflick
Writer - Tina Diaz
(C) 2000 Palm Beach Pictures ( Australia )

This video highlights the role Vietnamese women took in the war.

Includes a brief section of live footage showing the shooting down of F-111A 67-0068. The women were light artillery gunners

VHS PAL format - check with distributor for other formats.

Note - most new video players will accept all formats.

'Pigs Can Fly!'

Mac Millan Films in association with Thistle Pictures has completed filming and production of an hour long documentary about the Australian F-111 which aired on the Australian Channel Seven network (Frank Warrick's World Around Us) on 6 June 1998. The film is dedicated to the seven RAAF and one USAF aircrew who have died in RAAF F-111 aircraft over the last 25 years. *see webmaster's note below.

A great deal of air to air and ground to air footage was taken for the production which was technically assisted by the staff of 82 Wing Photographic Services.

Copies of 'Pigs Can Fly' can be purchased from Mac Millan Films for $AUD 39.95 (about $USD 25) by visiting their web site. Postage charges in Australia are $4.50, and overseas will have to be individually calculated. Both PAL and NTSC format will be available.

Thistle Pictures
Thistle Pictures
21 Winema Drive
North Tamborine,
Australia, 4272

Phone: (07) 5545 0366
61 7 5545 0366international 
Cell: 61 411 889 240

Fax; (07) 5545 0355
61 7 5545 0355international

Ian 'Thistle' Thorburn ACS
Mac Millan Films
Mac Millan Films
Level 2
20 Park Rd, Milton
Australia, 4064

Phone (07) 3369 3344
61 7 3369 3344 international

Fax(07) 33692255
61 7 33692255 international

thanks Thistle and Angus ...

Review of 'Pigs Can Fly' by Doc...

A very simple review...I have 900-1000 hours of F-111 video....(a 30 year span) covering Vietnam F-111A BDA footage through the EF-111A retirement....this video is insightful, tearful and expressive....for who I saw in it, what the RAAF is accomplishing, all Damn worthy!...An absolute "Must Have" for any Vark Buff  I Didn't say much, but this Video comes with a "Doc" says..."get It period!" or you missed a big chunk of Vark history..and I'm impressed and watched it twice the first night. The best bit was that long line of "Elephant Walk" Mighty Varks.....a sight, a memory.

(webmaster's note: A central character in the video is Anthony "Shorty" Short, who died with Stephen "Nige" Hobbs a year after the film was released in the tragic loss of F-111G A8-291 in SEA April 1999.)

KENW-TV (New Mexico) produced two stories about the retirement af the F-111F from Cannon AFB.
Both stories are available on the one tape and run for about 30 minutes all up.

The tape is available for $USD 10 plus $USD 2.50 handling and postage from

c/o Orlando Ortega
eastern New Mexico University
52 Broadcast Center
Portales NM 88130

email: ORTEGAO@ENMU.EDU (thanks Doc Servo and Jeff)

Make checks out to KENW-TV.
Note that international orders would probably be more expensive for postage, and that it is in VHS NTSC format.

F-111 Video Profile (AVI)
AVI produces a PAL video comprising of a lot of GD and older RAAF clips. The tape runs for 60 mins, and includes Pave Tack footage from F-111F 71-893 releasing the MK-82 AIR on the Soviet built transport aircraft. I don't know if this tape was released outside Australia. This is a pre- Desert Shield / Storm video.
F-111 Aardvark (Time Life Video)
Time Life (Australia) has reissued the above video with the label below

RAAF 70th Anniversary Air Show that ran for 3 days at RAAF Base Richmond in October 1991.
Colour and runs for Approx 1 Hr 48 Min.

Limited production

Roadshow Pictures video

Online / On CD-ROM Clips (AVI, MPG and MOV)

The 2003 Brisbane Riverfire Festival held annually. ( 5MB in a Winzip file.)
Sent in by John Freedman, showing two F-111's from the local RAAF Amberley AFB did a tandem dump & burn.

Music Videos in MPEG4 (DivX) format.
You may wish to download the free DivX viewer from

f-111-1-DivX.avi 26MB
f-111-2-DivX.avi 38MB

Additional F-111 fly-by DivX files (1 and 2MB in size) at Matt Carter's website. CD-ROM only => 82 Wing Music Video (100 Mb) Not available on website due to size.  Only available on the CD-ROM


Olympics (NBC Footage) 1.6Mb mpeg download



Sample of two different 82WG music videos
(3.5MB mpeg) thumbnail

and here (4.7 MB mpeg)

Riverfire Dump and Burn (webmaster) 0.8Mb zipped mov download   (CD-ROM mov here)

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has numerous mpg files available on the Aerospace Centre website.
Fixed Finally!! ... Broken again???

Quick links are below:   (note stills and mpgs are property of the ADF)
Note - some diffuiculty in getting a good connection / download - ISP congestion ?

Dump and Burn
ADF Website
Dump and Burn
ADF Website
Low Fly By
ADF Website
Low Fly By
ADF Website

URL's for above mpeg movie clips

AMARC via Cedric Mitchell June 2000
Rows of F-111 (455Kb)

NBC Olympics Dump and Burn (1.6Mb)

Clips on CD-ROM
(source of these is unknown - no copyright assumed)

Pave Tack and others (unknown source)

Take Off
Pave Tack 1
Pave Tack 2
Pave Tack 3
Pace Tack 4
Wrong DMPI
Pave Tack 5
Pave Tack 6
Pave Tack 7
RAAF flyby McClellan
(Cedric Mitchell)

AMARC via Cedric Mitchell June 2000

See here for more details of the CD-ROM.

    Lockheed Martin (USA) have a movie in:


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