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Last Updated 25 January, 2004

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1/48 SCALE F-111 UPGRADE SETS and 1/144 SCALE Models
International Orders Welcome...take advantage of the weaker Australian dollar!!

NEW Product & Price List for 2004 list-see below

Effective as of January 2004
Please find below the price list for the full range of 1/48 accessory sets by SCALEDOWN. You will notice that the vast majority of these sets are devoted to the F-111 modeller. This hopefully redresses the lack of attention given to this magnificent aircraft by the major modelling companies.SCALEDOWN accepts International bank Drafts in US Dollars, but a minimum order of US$70.00 will apply to alleviate bank charges imposed on me to convert US currency into Australian currency.

SCALEDOWN also accepts credit card payments through PAYPAL, at
Please use my email address as the recipient, and include the items you are ordering.
SHIPPING: All shipping costs are included in the order price. All orders require a two weeks period to cast the order. Orders are then Air Mailed to the customer.
Please contact me via e-mail at for any enquiry or special requests.

Some of these sets are available for viewing at
You will also find a wealth of useful references for your F-111 modelling project on this site.
International Bank Checks are to be made payable to “SCALEDOWN” and posted to :


Thankyou for your interest in these high quality after market products. Regards Stephen Thrum

 SCALEDOWN 1/48 Accessories

SDA48001 F-111 Long span wings/flaps/slats set                           US $85.00
SDA48002 F-111 Afterburner cans                                                   US $17.50
SDA48003 Set A F-111A, D, E, F, EF-111A wheels and tyres       US $15.00
  Set B F-111C, G, FB-111A wheels and tyres US $15.00
SDA48004 F-111G/FB-111A conversion set                                     US $15.00
SDA48005 EF-111A U/C doors and canoe fairing                          US $23.75
SDA48006 F-111 Undercarriage doors                                            US $15.00
SDA48007 F-111 BRU’s with 12 x Mk82 LDGP bombs                US $23.75
SDA48008 F-111 Short span wings/flaps/slats set                           US $85.00
SDA48009 F-111 Pavetack pod  (Set SDA48021 required) Due Soon
SDA48010 F-111A, C, D, E, F long-range fuel tanks                       US $23.75
SDA48011 F-111G/FB-111A long-range fuel tanks                         US $23.75
SDA48012 F-111 BRU’s with 12 x Mk 81 LDGP bombs                 US $23.75
SDA48013 F-111 BRU’s with 12 x Mk 82 Air bombs                       US $23.75
SDA48014 F-111 BRU’s with 12 x Mk82 Snakeye bombs               US $23.75
SDA48015 F-111 BRU’s with 12 x CBU bombs                                US $23.75
SDA48016 GBU-15 bombs x 2                                                               Due soon
SDA48017 B-61 Nuclear Bombs x 2 off                                             US $19.75
SDA48018 F-111G/FB-111A nose and Triple Plow II intakes            T.B.A
SDA48019 F-111D,E,F Triple Plow II intakes                                      T.B.A
SDA48020 F-111 Undercarriage bays                                               Due Soon
SDA48021 F-111 Weapons bay and doors                                       Due Soon
SDA48022 F-111B prototype conversion set                                         T.B.A
SDA48023 RF-111C conversion set                                                   Due Soon
SDA48024 F-111 AFTI/MAW wing set with decals                            T.B.A
SDA48025 F-111 TACT wing set with decals                                      T.B.A
SDA48026 SRAM’s x 2 off                                                                  US $15.00
SDA48027 GBU-10 Paveway I x 2 off                                               US $19.75
SDA48028 F-111K (RAF) conversion set                                              T.B.A
SDA48029 F-111B pre-production conversion set                               T.B.A
SDA48030 RF-111A conversion set                                                       T.B.A
SDA48031 F-111 Prototype conversion set                                            T.B.A
SDA48032 F-111 Prototype spin chute housing                                   T.B.A
SDA48033 F-111 Prototype No.2 Elevators                                      Due Soon
SDA48034 F-111 Prototype No.6 enlarged tail-cone                            T.B.A
SDA48035 F-111 Missile trapeze and AIM-9 missiles                         T.B.A
SDA48036 F-111 Radar and nose cone                                                 T.B.A
SDA48037 F-111 Triple Plow I intakes and trunking                          T.B.A
SDA48038 F-111 Aerial refuelling receptacle                                      T.B.A
SDA48039 F-111 Undercarriage set – white metal                               T.B.A
SDA48040 F-111 Escape capsule kit great for a diorama!                   T.B.A
SDA48041 F-111 BRU’s with 12 x Mk117 LDGP bombs                US $23.75
SDA48042 F-111 TF-30 Engine, Starboard                                          T.B.A
SDA48043 F-111 TF-30 Engine, Port                                                     T.B.A
SDA48044 F-111 Bomb Rack Units (2 off)                                         US $6.00
SDA48045 F-111 To be decided, open to suggestions from customers  
SDA48046 F-111 To be decided, open to suggestions from customers  
SDA48047 F-111 To be decided, open to suggestions from customers  
SDA48048 F-111 To be decided, open to suggestions from customers  
SDA48049 F-111 To be decided, open to suggestions from customers  
SDA48050 F-111 To be decided, open to suggestions from customers  

SDA48051 Spitfire high altitude wing tips                                              US $7.25
SDA48052 High speed Spitfire conversion set                                        T.B.A
SDA48053 P&W R-2800 Double Wasp engine                                       US $17.50
SDA48054 22,000 lb Grand Slam bomb                                                 US $23.75
SDA14401 EF-111A conversion set   US  $12.00
SDA14402 FB-111A/F-111G conversion set available soon
SDA14403 Prototype F-111 conversion set available soon
SDA14404 F-111 Pavetac unit  available soon
SDA48001 F-111 Long Wing/Flap/Slats Set
Designed for the 1/48 Academy or Zhengdefu F-111, these very high quality wing / slat / flap / rotating glove assemblies produce a very impressive kit.  These are far better quality than the other wing assemblies on the market.

To make: F-111B / F-111C / FB-111A / F-111G

NOTE:  This is an extremely high quality kit.
The image to the right shows the kit as delivered.

wing set
SDA48002 F-111 Afterburner Cans
The F-111 Afterburner cans, exhaust and nozzles are a unique product which enables the modeller to dramatically increase the reality of the 1/48 F-111.  A total of four nozzle assemblies are included, allowing the modeller to have the aircraft with either or both engine nozzles closed or open.
(Note: The left nozzle is normally closed and the right is open for an F-111 parked at the flightline - assuming the right engine is the first to be shutdown. It is due to the loss of the electric signal to the nozzle assembly whilst fuel pressure still remains.   The loss of electrical signal causes the nozzles to go to a "failsafe" closed position.)
engine set
SDA48003 F-111 Wheels and Tyre Set (UPDATE)
The F-111 Bulged wheels/tyre set dramatically increases the realism of a 'parked' model by faithfully reproducing the bulge that the low pressure main tyres have under the weight of the aircraft .  The FB-111A (and F-111C / F-111G) had a larger anti-skid brake system than the other F-111 versions.  The chined nosewheel was added in the mid 1970's to minimise water injestion into the engine intakes.

Options include:

   Set A :- F-111 A,D,E,F,EF-111A - plain nose tyre plus water chined nose tyre
   Set B :- F-111 C,G,FB-111A - plain nose tyre plus water chined nose tyre


SDA48004 FB-111A/F-111G Upgrade Set "A"
The FB-111A / F-111G have a different style of stores pylon than the 'fighter' versions. The pylon is more streamlined, and comes to a forward point instead of the 'blunted' fighter type. The FB-111A / F-111G Pylon set comes with six pylons.

For modellers who wish to have their FB-111A / F-111G Dump mast / 'figure of eight' panel actually represent reality, Stephen has once again produced the goods for you. It is a little realised fact that the FB-111A / F-111G Dump mast is quite different to that of the other production F-111s.  (Photographed here inverted)


G pylon set

G dump mast

SDA 48007     BRU and Mk82LDGP bomb set ( 2 racks and 12bombs per kit )
SDA 48012     BRU and Mk 81 bombs set ( 2 BRU's and 12 bombs per set )
SDA 48013     BRU and Mk 82 Air bombs set ( 2 BRU's and 12 bombs per set )
SDA 48014     BRU and Mk 82 Snakeye set ( 2 BRU's and 12 bombs per set )
The BRU-3A/A and Mk-82 series stores are currently being mastered.

Purchasers of 48013 and 48014 please note: When carried on the inner pylons (stn 4 and 5),  only four bombs per BRU in a slant 4 config are carried .

BRU-3A/A (top) being mastered.
Compre to the Revel BRU (centre) and MER. (MERs have  not used on F-111 since 1968?)

scaledown-mk82and bru

SDA 48008     F-111 Short Wing/Flap/Slats Set (to suit F-111A/D/E/F/EF-111A)
The Wing Set features 16 parts including full replacement wings, slats, flaps, wing box assembly, overwing fairing bag assembly and rotating glove assembly.  This is an incredibly accurate set which requires only a minimum of cutting into the fuselage of the 1/48 Academy (or Zhengdefu)  F-111A, F-111D, F-111E, F-111F or EF-111A).

Short Wing set being mastered.
SDA 48010     F-111 600 GAL Fuel Tanks - pair (correct size)
A pair of the 600GAL fuel tanks (specify either FB-111A / F-111G or otherwise) will be shortly available.  The tanks will correct the erroneous Academy tanks. 


600GAL External Fuel Tanks
(Fighter and bomber versions)
being mastered.  Note the incorrect size of the Academy tank.

scaledown-jugs  scaledown-jugs

SDA 48017     B-61 'Special Weapon'
A pair of the B-61 'Special Weapons' are now available.


image to come
SDA 48026     Short Range Attack Missile (SRAM)
A pair of the SRAMs as fitted to the FB-111A are now available.


image to come
SDA 48027     GBU-10 Pave Way One 2000lbs LGB
A pair of the GBU-10 PW1 LGBs   are now available.


image to come

Some examples of SCALEDOWN products.

RAAF F-111G A8-272 'Boneyard Wrangler'  post capabilities upgrade 2003
commissioned by MAJ Bob Baker

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spirit76-2.jpg (10388 bytes)


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