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TF/F-111K and Non Flying Test Models

Last Updated 28 August 2002

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Type USAF S/N Location/Remarks
TF-111K / YF-111A 67-149 / XV884 Not completed. Some references say this was used in the FB-111A testing. Another reference states that the aircraft was completed but sales order 31x-00-0728 revised 30 July 68 and 20 May 69 gave the instruction for demating and salvage.
TF-111K / YF-111A 67-150 / XV885 Not completed. Some references say this was used in the FB-111A testing. Another reference states that the aircraft was completed but sales order 31x-00-0728 revised 30 July 68 and 20 May 69 gave the instruction for demating and salvage. The wing box is said to have gone to F-111E 68-083. (Doc Servo)
TF-111K 67-151 to 67-152
XV886 to XV887
Not commenced.
F-111K 68-152 to 68-158 / XV902 to XV947
68-181 to 68-210
68-229 to 68-238
Not commenced.
F-111A A3 Static Test F-111A
F-111A/B A4 Fatigue Test F-111A/B. Failed at 50% design life in 1969 to much concern to all.
F-111B A7 ???
F-111 A9 Airloads Flight Test Wind Tunnel Model??
FB-111A B4 Fatigue Test FB-111A
Charles Bogle reports that this test article was used at Fort Worth in the Engineering Test Laboratory.  When it was no longer required, it was moved outside the front gate.  It was later sold and is probably the "Hawkins TX F-111".
FB-111A B5 Landing Gear Drop Test FB-111A
FB-111A B6 Landing Gear Fatigue Test FB-111A
There is a further test now in private hands at Hooks TX.  This appears to be the Flight Control Test Stand (T1).  The test article had been a test bed featuring flight controls, hydraulics, but no ECS or fuel systems, and it's operational life was at the Engineering Test Laboratory in Ft Worth. At some stage after GD Fort Worth had finished with the airframe, the AF took it back, and it arrived at the 8AF Museum at Barksdale AFB, LA. to be made into a "FB" for static display. (1999) 
The museum curator, Mr.Harold "Buck" Rigg described the "aircraft" as he found....

At that stage, it was in natural aluminum with the horizontals in a purple color, no wings, no rudder, no crew capsule. The nose cone was made not of Fiberglas but thick (and heavy) phenalic. The main and nose gear were constructed of machined pig iron. The wheels and tires are from other aircraft. The GD rep told me that the F-111 mock-up was "hand-made." It had a lot of "orange wire" instrumentation in the cock-pit, which was hooked to a minimal aluminum panel, no seats. In fact it had milk crates set up on one side. The headrest were made of wood as I recall. The mock-up was a production test model. Items considered for production were test fitted to this mock-up first. We found a set of wings at Davis-Monthan. One was burned out and was gutted of its leading and trailing edge 'stuff.' Needless to say on the incredibly small budget I had to operate on this project was fast turned into a back burner effort.

The retirement of the FB-111A negated the need for the static (as an FB-111A became available).  The 8AF Museum gave the test article back to DRMO, who sold it to the current owner, Mr. Turner of Hooks, Texas.  So now it sits, on the side of the highway, calling in sightseers to Mr Hooks Army Surplus business, where he says alot of people come asking about the jet!  (Thanks to Doc Servo and Mr. Joe Betts and Mr Charles Bogle for the info.)

One of the other 'non-flyable' F-111 structures (B4) has been privately purchased by Bob Schneider of RRS Aviation.
  The airframe is currently foe sale from his hanger at Hawkins TX (90 miles east of Dallas on I-20 & 260 miles north of Houston).   Bob says...
"The airframe is about as complete
externally an aircraft that you can find including the afterburners,cannon door installation in the weapons bay, operating bay doors, movable flaps and slats, and a lot of neat stuff to go with it.......I just need the space for my other projects that I am doing for some Museums."
Bob Schneider can be contacted by:
email , fax +1 903 769-5631, voice +1 903 769-2904 (25June98)

UPDATE  This test article has twice been for auction on eBay with a reserve price of $USD19,875 !!!

F-111K moduleF-111 'Flight Simulator' for sale $16 000 USD
Ed Bandy at is selling a F-111 flight sim. His  asking price is $16,000 USD for the sim.    Please email or phone
+1 817-640-1886 for additional info.

This module is in fact the mock up Grumman EF-111A cockpit.
It is now set up as a simulator at the
Air Combat School (
Note the ficticious markings.

Thanks to Doc Servo, Joe Betts, Charles Bogle, Mike Kaplan, Paul Abadesso, Joe Arnold, Steve Davies, Phil Dunlop, Steve Kell, Ben Marselis, Raymund Santos, Paul Simpson, Keith Synder, Bill Thurley, Micheal Valcourt, Ron VanDerWarker and Zeitvogel. LOGO

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